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Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Commercial Real Estate Consulting

How do you ensure your plans for your company’s space will allow you to attract and retain talent without exceeding budget or causing undue stress? You require a third-party perspective on your real estate strategy. A thoughtfully planned workplace can create a dynamic environment for your staff while propelling your business to the next level! Our commercial real estate advisors spend more time up front asking questions and building better plans that deliver amazing results.

Are you considering a move, renovation or relocation of your space? If you aren’t taking steps to engage your senior leadership in the process, and create alignment with staff and stakeholders, you’re in trouble. This is an opportunity to engage in real conversations with your team about how to grow your business and transform your culture. You need a consultant who can provide a complete start-to-finish real estate strategy. Our commercial real estate advisors and consultants are senior level executives using proven tools and academic methodologies to create data-driven, people focused strategies. We’re here to help.

Our Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services include:

  • Project Timetables
  • Visioning sessions
  • Executive interviews & facilitation
  • Strategic analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk management
  • Change management planning
  • Cultural assessments
  • Quantitative & qualitative research
  • Business strategy
  • Lease vs. own analysis
  • Staff & stakeholder surveys
  • Data analysis & reporting
  • Capital budgets
  • Scenario modelling
  • Options analysis & recommendations
  • Board presentations

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