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Work Environment Strategy Development

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars to recruit and train top people only to watch them leave because your space isn’t up to par with the competition?  Improve attraction and retention of top talent with Real Strategy.

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Business Operations Strategy Development

Is your real estate helping your business or is it holding you back?  Real Strategy helps our clients develop a customized real estate strategy designed to propel their organizations forward and improve their bottom lines.

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Project Implementation

Does the idea of being responsible for a significant real estate project fill you with dread? Real Strategy provides executive level consulting designed to take the burden off you and your team while you focus on your business.

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World Class Commercial Spaces

Plus all of the latest style office furniture to bring it all together.

Real Estate Tips for Not-For-Profits – Part 3

Real Estate Tips for Not-For-Profits - Part 3 Your People Are Your Biggest Asset Are you tired of watching your best people leave for another job?  Have you ever wondered if your tired office space was part of the problem? At Real Strategy we’ve been hearing for years...
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Creating Agile Work Environments – Part 3 – Characteristics of An Agile Environment: Purposeful Collaboration Spaces

At its core Agile is about encouraging people to work together as a team in order to create a better software product for their customers.  Within this framework, it means inviting the customer under the corporate veil and allowing them to interact with the design...
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Ottawa Commercial Real Estate Market Overview – Q4 2017

Print PDF File: Click...
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Real Estate Tips for Not-For-Profits – Part 2

Real Estate Tips for Not-For-Profits - Part 2 Make Every Square Foot Count Make sure your space is optimized for efficiency. If your furniture is more than five years old there is a very good chance you’re in too much space. If your desks and workstations are more...
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The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2017

We at Real Strategy are very passionate about cutting edge office spaces, and believe you should be too! Below is a collection of the "Top 25 Most Popular Offices Of 2017" from officesnapshots.com.     #1: GE Digital (view project) Design: RC architecture...
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