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As we prepare to head back to the office, how confident are you in your hybrid work strategy?

Workplace Strategy

Is the layout of your hybrid office optimized for staff productivity, happiness, performance, and retention?


Are you considering a commercial real estate lease or purchase? How confident are you that you know how much space you need in today’s hybrid work environment?

Project Management

In today’s hybrid office environment, does the idea of being responsible for a significant commercial real estate project fill you with dread?


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Workplace Strategy

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Project Management

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Canada's Top Commercial Real Estate Magazine

We at Real Strategy have been working overtime to conduct research and strategize on the impact of COVID-19 on Ottawa’s commercial real estate sector and realized that we had the makings of a magazine. So we are pleased to present Real Spaces Magazine where we share our thoughts and opinions alongside real statistics and trends about Ottawa’s commercial real estate market.

Tips for Successful Subleasing: The Offer and Landlord Consent

Please click here to read Part 1: https://realstrategy.com/tips-for-successful-subleasing-proper-planning-and-preparation/  If the landlord’s consent to the proposed sublease is required (and it invariably is), the offer to sublease will need to be conditional on...

Tips for Successful Subleasing: Proper Planning and Preparation

Whether your organization is downsizing or moving toward a more hybrid working model, subleasing is a great way to recoup rental costs and create extra cash flow when you have more office space than what you currently need. Likewise, if you’re looking for space,...

Real Strategy CEO Interviewed on The Rob Snow Show

Interview and Photo Source: The Rob Snow Show / CityNews Ottawa Interview Link: https://ottawa.citynews.ca/all-audio/the-rob-snow-show/podcast-the-rob-snow-show-for-april-12-2022-5257874 Real Strategy's CEO Darren Fleming was interviewed by Rob Snow regarding recent...

Construction and Layout: The intersection between productivity and interaction with Tree Canada & TRUform Interiors

Please click here to read Part 1: https://realstrategy.com/construction-and-layout-a-desire-for-change-with-danielle-st-aubin-of-tree-canada-gillean-woods-of-truform-interiors/ Tree Canada’s focus was less about the numbers (i.e. dollars and square footage) but...

Construction and Layout: A desire for change with Danielle St-Aubin of Tree Canada & Gillean Woods of TRUform Interiors

Continuing our Construction and Layout series, Real Strategy caught up with our client Danielle St-Aubin (Chief Executive Officer at Tree Canada) as well as Gillean Woods (Principal at TRUform Interiors) to discuss Tree Canada’s new office. Moving from a dated...

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