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As we prepare to head back to the office, how confident are you in your hybrid work strategy?

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Is the layout of your hybrid office optimized for staff productivity, happiness, performance, and retention?


Are you considering a commercial real estate lease or purchase? How confident are you that you know how much space you need in today’s hybrid work environment?

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In today’s hybrid office environment, does the idea of being responsible for a significant commercial real estate project fill you with dread?


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Workplace Strategy

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Canada's Top Commercial Real Estate Magazine

We at Real Strategy have been working overtime to conduct research and strategize on the impact of COVID-19 on Ottawa’s commercial real estate sector and realized that we had the makings of a magazine. So we are pleased to present Real Spaces Magazine where we share our thoughts and opinions alongside real statistics and trends about Ottawa’s commercial real estate market.

Commercial Real Estate Subleasing for Beginners: Assignments, sublets, and licensing — what’s the difference?

Please click here to read Part 1: https://realstrategy.com/commercial-real-estate-subleasing-for-beginners/  When a tenant decides to assign a lease, they are essentially giving up the space and all their rights and responsibilities to the rental agreement to a...

Commercial Real Estate Subleasing for Beginners

Many office-based organizations have sought to save money by exploring subleasing as an option. With the return to work expected to be a hybrid mix of working from home and office, commercial office tenants don’t expect to need the same amount of space to support...

The Impact of the Federal Government on Ottawa’s Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

Interview and Photo Source: The Rob Snow Show / CityNews Ottawa Interview Link: https://ottawa.citynews.ca/all-audio/the-rob-snow-show/hour-1-of-the-rob-snow-show-for-november-8-2021-4735215 Monday. What will Ottawa's skyline look like in 20 years if civil servants...

Corporate sponsorships, lifted capacity limits offer lifeline for storied Ottawa music hall

Long live Rainbow Bistro— our CEO, Darren Fleming, joined nine other local corporate sponsors to help save Rainbow Bistro. The legendary venue, which has seen the likes of Blue Rodeo, the Tragically Hip and k.d. lang perform, was at risk of closing due to revenue loss...

Ottawa Offices Update: Government’s Portfolio Could Shrink by 25% Over 25 Years

The forum touched on the current transformation happening in the office market, municipal planning with respect to Ottawa and Gâtineau, as well as the federal government’s real estate strategies moving forward. Among those in attendance was Stéphan Déry (Assistant...

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