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Canada's Top Commercial Real Estate Magazine

We at Real Strategy have been working overtime to conduct research and strategize on the impact of COVID-19 on Ottawa’s commercial real estate sector and realized that we had the makings of a magazine. So we are pleased to present Real Spaces Magazine where we share our thoughts and opinions alongside real statistics and trends about Ottawa’s commercial real estate market.

Smart Buildings, Technology, and the Post-COVID Workplace: No longer in test mode

Please click here to read Part 1: https://realstrategy.com/smart-buildings-technology-and-the-post-covid-workplace/ Senior executives who previously questioned letting their teams work from home were suddenly forced into learning how to manage a remote workforce....

Smart Buildings, Technology, and the Post-COVID Workplace

The idea of hybrid work — and hybrid office space — is anticipated to become the default model for how many organizations plan their back-to-work strategy. Some companies already had a hybrid approach to working from home and had incorporated remote working policies...

Real Estate Pitfalls to Avoid for Not-for-Profits

The advent of COVID-19 has not only shaken the commercial real estate market, it has changed the way we work and especially in office environments! March 11th, 2020: COVID-19 is declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. During the rest of the month here in...

Returning to the Office With Welch LLP: A people-first culture and wellness

Please click here to read Part 2: https://realstrategy.com/returning-to-the-office-with-welch-llp-an-iterative-and-flexible-approach/ A major takeaway from Real Strategy’s discussion with Kathryn and Jim of Welch LLP was the need to be compassionate. Each employee is...

Returning to the Office With Welch LLP: An iterative and flexible approach

Please click here to read Part 1: https://realstrategy.com/returning-to-work-with-welch-llp/ As an essential service, Welch LLP staff have always had the ability to go into the office throughout the pandemic but with restrictions in place. Back in May 2020, when the...

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