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Welcome to Part 2 of our two part blog article “Introvert-Friendly Offices” – for Part 1 please click here.


Create a quiet place to concentrate


Private work spaces or quiet rooms are another option, where employees can carve out time to brainstorm and complete tasks in an area free from distractions and the noise of an open office environment. Having a space that employees can go to recharge will keep introverts from feeling overwhelmed and increase productivity. 


People thrive in work environments where they feel supported, and quiet rooms are an easy way to give employees space to clear their minds when they need it. Quiet rooms, also known as reflection rooms, are becoming a fixture with progressive workplaces as they adapt to create a more inclusive environment for today’s workforce. Even an outdoor walking space or patio can be an alternative place to go when introverts need a space outside an open concept office to think clearly.


It’s a real shame to lose employees because a business hasn’t provided an environment where everyone can thrive. When employees can work in a space that suits their needs, they are happier and more productive, leading to stronger teams and successful companies. As the rise of open concept office spaces steadily climbs, these simple considerations for space can have a significant impact on retaining talent and ensuring both extroverts and introverts can prosper in the office. 


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