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Finding and keeping desirable talent nowadays catering to different styles of work, personal preferences, and with more than just the décor and layout. With last week covering the integral roles of the employee experience and nature in the workplace, we’ll set our sights on three more ways to avoid wrecking your office culture. Activity-based working, workplace cultural values and remote work make up the other spots on our top five list — let’s explore these in more detail!


Activity-Based Working:
  • Workplace strategy that supports a greater degree of freedom for employees to choose when, where and how they work
  • The realization that access to on-demand privacy is an essential element in any office space
  • Environments that move and change to suit dynamic numbers of employees in the space whether for growth or remote vs. in office work
  • An acknowledgement that employees are individuals with different personal and professional needs and preferences as to where they perform best

Workplace Cultural Values:

  • Forward-facing values becoming internal values
  • Those ethics that are preached to companies by consumers are becoming more prevalent as internal practices
  • We are more supportive of employee differences and challenges than ever before when it comes to diversity and mental health (and are taking action to prove it)

Remote work

  • As IT security and bandwidth availability continue to rapidly increase, more employees are going to consider the flexibility of working from home as a significant consideration in whether or not to accept a position
  • The ability to work from a remote location will also impact an employee’s overall satisfaction with your organization