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In 2020 employers of all sectors acknowledge that the quality and layout of their space have a direct impact on their ability to attract and retain top talent. Unfortunately, some management teams are still employing outdated and obsolete workplace policies that frustrate staff and cost them their top performers. The spaces we design this year will focus on offering employees a greater degree of freedom in when, where and how they work in an attempt to inspire increased loyalty, productivity and overall happiness.

There are five things we’ll focus on, each in more detail, but the first two we’ll explore are the employee experience and nature in the workplace.

Employee Experience:

  • Creating a unique and positive staff experience that promotes collaboration
  • Internal branding, how your staff views your company
  • Promote a feeling of camaraderie and being part of a team or family
  • The line between personal and business relationships is blurring when it comes to supporting employees on their paths to success within our organizations

Nature in the Workplace (biophilic design):

  • The inclusion of nature in the workplace
  • Stats show that human beings are happier if natural elements exist around them
  • Benefits for mental health
  • Benefits for physical health aka air quality

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