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Last month, our blog series explored inclusivity and collaboration in GCworkplace. This month, Real Strategy Advisors delve into digitalization as a driving force for greater efficiency.

The design of a digital workplace should be driven to embrace a modern culture, incorporating technology at every turn. A digital workplace internalizes the fact that workflow can now occur anywhere within the office or remotely. We are no longer chained to our desk. Digitalization recognizes the importance of keeping up with trends and best practices in areas including web, accessibility, digital innovation and employee tools.

If employers want to build a digital work culture, they need to create, foster and fund an environment that enables employees to be most efficient with their work-related tasks, even if they are not officially on the clock. Whether that is in the office, at home, or at a remote location, they require tools and policies that allow them to choose the setting and workspaces that best suit their changing needs and activities.

In many workforces, employees can feel overwhelmed about adapting new technologies on digital platforms they are not familiar or comfortable using. Employers should ensure that training is prioritized, giving staff the necessary time to learn and adopt new digital tools. Training sessions, informal employee hack days, and opportunities to showcase findings and lessons learned are just a few ways to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing. Familiarizing employees, customers, and stakeholders with your digital platform is essential to encourage broad-based end-user adoption, without which the modern workplace will fail.

Digitalization makes collaboration easy when employees are empowered with the tools to work in innovative ways. Providing choices supports differing work activities and styles, accommodating a more diverse, motivated, and collaborative workforce.

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