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Adaptability, equity and flexibility for all

Employee well-being begins with fostering an inclusive environment. Encouraging a more mobile workforce reduces the amount of people commuting to the office each day, and supports virtual collaboration and working more digitally. This modern workplace philosophy expands on the definition of what we consider an office space to be, with flexibility towards telework and non-standard office hours. This openness promotes mental and physical health, which is key to creating social sustainability.

Social sustainability comes in when we go beyond the physical environment. We can foster a workplace culture that learns to adopt Agile principles and helps employees work through challenges, giving them the change management training and tools to empower themselves.

It is increasingly important to place emphasis on supporting and celebrating inclusivity in today’s polarizing climate. This shift requires a mobile and adaptable workforce. By not sticking to one definition of what a workspace is (such as an office or a cubicle), your business can design with employees’ diverse needs in mind. Lowering greenhouse gas emissions, limiting construction waste, and reducing overall space occupied by the workforce will make room for a promising, sustainable future.

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