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Last month, our blog series examined the health considerations of a modern environment like GCworkplace. This month, Real Strategy Advisors delves into how environmental sustainability can be woven into office design.

The vision of a green workspace may seem broad, but this very lack of focus can create more opportunities for greening initiatives with both social and environmental sustainability weighed in every decision. By way of definition, environmental sustainability focuses on the physical environment itself; how can we reduce our impact on the environment? How do we promote behaviour that reduces harm to our planet and ourselves? Social sustainability looks at dimensions like equity and diversity, well-being and health of the workforce to build a more conscious, inclusive culture.

A healthy workplace has a smaller environmental footprint

Green implications are part of every decision that goes into creating a GCworkplace. By using space efficiently and creatively, we deliver a more flexible environment for employees, while also reducing an organization’s environmental footprint.

Sustainable features in workplaces come in quite a variety. Structurally, there are many options to keep us on track to a healthier planet, while meeting certifications such as LEED, and tools such as WELL, and FitWELL. Flexible furniture and spaces with walls and partitions that can be rearranged and demounted are just a few physical constructs that have a sustainable purpose by reducing construction waste. But there are plenty of ways to make an office more adaptable without investing in major renovations and using more materials!

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