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Last month, we rolled out an overview of GCworkplace. This month, Real Strategy Advisors is taking a closer look at a fundamental element of the GCworkplace design: flexibility.

Offering flexibility to all employees seems like a simple enough offering, but it requires a significant shift in how employees experience the workplace. Changing the culture of any company — let alone every government department — is not an easy task. The process requires a strong change management strategy and innovative thinkers who are open to the changes to come. The public service may not come to mind when considering agile, digital-friendly places that are open to change, but a shift is on the way…

That shift will be heavily driven by the people. Redefining the work experience requires redefining how employees envision their workplace. What do they want from a workspace? What do they need to get their work done efficiently? What contributes to their well-being at work?

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