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For some time, change makers in government have been looking to develop a re-imagined workplace with technology and design that better serves Canadians. In an effort to provide flexibility to where and how employees work, and empower them with tools that allow that shift and foster collaboration and well-being, GCworkplace came to be.  As the largest occupier of office space in Canada’s National Capital Region, Real Strategy Advisors is excited to present our perspective on how the federal public service is seeking movement towards an improved workplace.



Part of the Government of Canada’s Blueprint 2020 vision was for the Government to create a space where employees feel confident and everyone has the tools to embrace new ways of working, attracting a diverse workforce to serves Canada’s evolving needs. Their new space strategy, entitled, “GCworkplace” aligns with this vision, playing a critical role in shaping the vision into reality.

Real Strategy Advisors recognizes that GCworkplace is not solely the physical workspace — it’s also about the people. By embracing flexibility and developing a workplace that empowers people to choose how, when and where they work, the Government hopes to lead an inspired model for inclusivity. A modern workspace that is designed with employees’ needs in mind creates a happy, healthy and motivated workforce. Focused, healthy people means more productive and creative outcomes and in turn, Canadians receive superior products and services from their Government.


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