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In part 2/3 of our blog series “An Introduction to GC Workplaces”, we explore the workplace of the future.

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What does the workplace of the future look like?

The new GCworkplace design is driven by seven dimensions: digital, inclusive, healthy, flexible, efficient, collaborative and environmentally sustainable.

The Government of Canada’s vision for GCworkplace highlights the importance of each element:

“…to create the best conditions for a culture of innovation within the Public Service by leveraging modern digital tools that will enable us to collaborate government-wide efficiently. We aim to design healthy workplaces that are green and sustainable for the future while putting into place actions that ensure inclusivity and offer flexibility to all our employees.”

–PSPC Workplace Solutions Moonshots


On their mission to build a workplace that empowers staff to embrace innovation and transformation, strategists had to consider the barriers in current workspaces that prevent this behaviour. Balance is key, with shared spaces for bouncing around ideas and co-creating, and individual spaces that were functional and equitable for all. By designing a workspace to suit the varying needs of its staff, the Government of Canada will attract a diverse and engaged workforce.

Making the most efficient use of space is a core function of GCworkplace. While some critics have voiced concerns it’s only intended as a space reduction strategy, it is important to consider the green implications at the core of every decision for GCworkplace. By using space efficiently, not only is this reduction in space adapting a more flexible environment for employees, but it is also reducing the Government’s environmental footprint.


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