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In this chapter of our blog series “The Modern Office: Perspective on GC Workplace” Real Strategy Advisors explain and investigate the importance of “Activity Profiles” in the planning of your modern office.

The modern workplace comes in many forms. Multiple factors including the size of your organization or department, industry and goals will help determine how you should plan your space. Additional factors including types of activities performed in the workplace, typical duration and frequency of these activities, patterns of interaction within and among teams, and overall functional/technical requirements will also help you categorize and organize your office. Mobility is accounted for with activity profiles as well. Both mobility within the workplace and mobility between the workplace and alternate locations are crucial points of consideration.

The GCWorkplace approach makes space planning easy, provided that individual employee preference and life circumstances are considered. Activity profiles are designed to categorize your business based on these factors and provide a template for the ratio of different types of workpoints you need to include. The profiles are broken into three primary models; autonomous, balanced and interactive. Our goal is to help you decide which model fits your business best and thus have you on your way to optimizing your space.

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