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Bringing nature into the office

A healthy indoor environment is critical to wellbeing. Reducing air quality contaminants and allowing employees to adjust temperature and airflow will not only reduce cost and emissions but also create a healthier workforce.

Sometimes, just being able to look out a window can create calm. Quiet lounges with views of outside have been used in layout solutions for the modern workplace, as well as easy access points to outdoor environments.

Workspace solution designers are encouraged to follow biophilic design strategies, sourcing qualities of the outdoors and bringing them inside. Because humans respond positively to nature, creating a natural environment with shapes and features from the outdoors will contribute to greater well-being.


A modern workspace that is designed with employees’ needs in mind creates a happy, healthy and motivated workforce. Focused, healthy people means more productive and creative outcomes, and in turn, Canadians receive superior products and services from their employers.

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