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Last week, we covered workstations as the first workspace type in our investigation of primary individual open workpoints. Now we’ll be exploring touchdowns which are landing workspaces designed for short-term work or when between tasks/activities.

This workpoint helps support typical tasks like office correspondence, writing and reading. Similar to workstations, touchdowns should be placed in groupings in quiet or transitional zones and has low visual and acoustic privacy.


Image from GCWorkplace Design Toolkit



You can implement touchdowns most effectively in your office floor plan by:

1. Having fixed desks and counters with ergonomic seating
2. Placing them in proximity to perimeter windows (if possible)
3. Providing surface-height power and USB charging modules




A great supplier example of the touchdown workpoint philosophy in action is the Cultivate series by Haworth. These tables feature a modern minimalist aesthetic and customizable design, while still addressing the practical needs of the modern office. Cultivate offers both sitting and standing height options with storage components, hooks, and additional power capability that can be added on (as seen below).


Images from Haworth.com