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Design for a healthy body — and mind

The new workplace promotes physical health and wellness by designing a workspace that facilitates movement throughout the day. With unassigned workstations and functional spaces grouped by noise level and activity type, there is more fluid movement over the course of the day as employees change workstations based on their different tasks and priorities. Promoting injury prevention initiatives, ‘walking’ meetings, as well as the use of the stairs in internal employee channels will be increased. There will be greater emphasis on outfitting stairwells like you would a hallway, with internal posters and memos, in efforts to make these areas more attractive.

Woven into the design of the modern workplace are spaces that encourage social connectivity and comfort, providing places for respite and movement. By contrast, workplaces that create isolation and barriers to physical activity foster a disengaged, less healthy workforce. As greater emphasis is placed on the importance of mental health, supporting mechanisms must be brought into the workplace to accommodate this shift.

Image from GCWorkplace Design Guide: Transforming the Workplace Experience

Quiet rooms for reflection, privacy and prayer support mental health and inclusivity. Providing a space for quiet and reflection between the busy activities of a day at the office gives employees a chance to recover, reset and check-in with themselves. Stress is also reduced simply from knowing that the work culture encourages people to work from the location that suits their needs. This culture that enables a better balance between work and personal life creates healthier, happier employees.

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